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Frontier Law Group provides a complete suite of legal services for families and businesses in the Camden and Campbelltown area.

As leading Camden and Campbelltown Lawyers we are able to provide you, your family or business with comprehensive legal services. Our head offices are at 15 Edward Street Camden, NSW 2570 Call now on ph 02 4655 3100 for a free legal consultation.

We have wide experience in the following areas of Law:

Our Head office is located at 15 Edward St, Camden, NSW 2570

Our mission is:

  • To serve the interests of justice
  • To provide excellent and valuable legal services
  • To be proactive rather than reactive
  • To ascertain our clients’ requirements and goals
  • To identify desired outcomes and possible alternatives
  • To communicate promptly and clearly with our clients

Frontier Law Group practises extensively in the following fields. Superannuation law, Corporate Law, Property Law and Family Law. We also accept instructions in the following work. Bankruptcy & Insolvency, Taxation, Wills, Will Disputes, Probate and Estates , Estate Planning, as well as Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law and Trade Mark Law.

Frontier Law Group is dedicated to serving the legal needs of our clients in an ethical and professional manner and promptly responding to inquiries and requests for assistance. We offer an extensive knowledge base, personal service and commitment to our Clients.

Wills, Inheritance Disputes, Probate & Estate Planning

Frontier Solicitors Camden can assist you with your Wills, Inheritance Disputes, Probate & Estate Planning needs. Our extensive experience and knowledge in this area of law means you can be assured of resolving concerns and issues efficiently and effectively.

So if you are looking for Solicitors in Camden or Campbelltown that you can trust then we are easy to find and offer a free initial consultation.

Will disputes Sydney?Frontier Law are here to listen and help.

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