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Frontier Law Group have been giving professional legal advice to the residents of Campbelltown and Macarthur communities for more that 10 years.

Our lawyers are highly trained and skilled legal professionals ready to help you with your legal questions and issues.

In most cases people immediately think they only need a lawyer for criminal or police matters, however, you may find that you will need assistance with a business matter, or the legal aspects of financial crisis either personal or business related.  You may need advice about a family law matter which can cover divorce, property settlement or childrens issues or there may be an occasion when you need to consult a lawyer about a deceased estate as an executor, administrator or a beneficiary.  There are many reasons why you might need to consult a lawyer.

Frontier Law Group are Lawyers Campbelltown, Camden and the Macarthur Region can be proud of:

At Frontier Law Group we understand that each of our clients have individual needs and therefore individual requirements. We do not lump everyone into one basket.  We match skill with requirement. In other words, we provide an experienced lawyer in criminal procedures when clients approach us for advice on a Police matter and like wise, if you approach us for about a divorce then you will receive advice from an experienced family lawyer.

We believe that experience and expertise is a key factor which makes our law firm capable and confident that our clients will experience the best possible outcome in their legal matter.

The cost of legal services tends to frighten most people, and rightly so.  We are fully aware of this and work hard to ensure that we are not only careful and diligent with the work that we do for our clients but also strive to be cost effective in getting you the best outcome possible for you.

Furthermore, we will alway advise you about the best commercial outcome for you.  What that means is that we may advise you to settle your matter at an early stage and save you the cost of paying our professional fees.

Frontier Law Group’s track record speaks for itself.  It stands as a testimony that we are reputed to be among the best law firms in Camden, Campbelltown and Macarthur region. This also reflects our devotion to our clients and our endeavour to prevent unnecessary waste of their time and money.

Frontier Law Group Legal Assistance

Whether the issue is big or small, everyone requires legal assistance at some stage.  We believe that when you come to consult us our understanding approach lessens the stress felt by our clients. Empathy is a trait that the legal industry could benefit from and we believe in leading by example. Call us today to discuss your legal needs – (02) 4655-3100.


We have expert legal advisers such as Peita Savage and Emilio Guede who  regularly appear in the Local, District and Supreme Courts of most states in Australia and Family Court and Federal Circuit Count of Australia.

Email us at or call us at (02) 4655-3100 for your consultation.